Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Silent 'Buddies' at Evergreen

(Oxford Dict. “buddy” = a close friend or mate.  US colloquialism)

We, the residents of Evergreen, seem to ignore three very close and highly technological buddies that safeguard our well-being.  They are a very close part of our everyday lifestyle, and when called upon can play a major role in saving our very lives.

Who are these “buddies”.  They are our “Telecare Buddy“ control unit that stands close to our telephone incoming line, the ancillary “Button Buddy” that we must wear and keep close to ourselves all the time – and especially when we are feeling unwell or recovering from an illness or surgery -  and our “Band Buddy” worn on the wrist.

The Telecare Buddy ensures contact with our central control room carers 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and is part of our lifestyle and levy charge.  One press of the RED key puts us into contact with help of any nature within 45 seconds of pressing that key.  The staffers manning the control room are able to speak to us from wherever we are in our residence.   We can tell them if we have had a fall, feel faint, sick or of whatever symptom we are suffering.  They will alert nursing aid to come to us, call ambulances, alert police or the fire department, and generally avert practically all life-threatening situations.  And, too, they have medical staff on call-out standby to come to our aid while, for example, we are waiting for an ambulance to transport us to a hospital and need urgent medical attention.

Should we not be able to actually reach the control unit by, say, falling and being unable to regain our feet, the wearing of our Buddy Button will save us.  Again, one press of the button, which we should be wearing around our neck, as a wristwatch on the strap, or clipped to our clothes, will bring the same aid to our help.  The most useful way is to wear the button around our necks, as the button is completely waterproof, and most falls take place in the bath or shower.  So showeror bathe with your Buddy Button and be protected.

Lastly, the Buddy Band worn on the wrist will be of use should we have the misfortune to have any form of accident while away from Evergreen, say, in a shopping centre or with friends, where we are out of range of the control unit.  A call by anyone to the unique phone number on the Buddy Band will establish our identity, ailments and/or medication we are taking and proper action can be taken to assist us.

This Telecare system is the result of much experience in caring for elder people, and is in very few other retirement villages or centres.  Telling others of this system we have evokes admiration that we should be so lucky to have such care and backup available to us.

Telecare is like insurance – absolutely useless until we need it – and then nothing will replace it.  Test your system once a month, take it out of the cupboard or drawer in which it is left lying, AND WEAR AND USE IT.  Stop thinking you don’t need it.  You will.

SELF-TEST.  Lie on the floor and see if you can stand up again!  Can’t?   Wear the button!

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